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8Twelve Mortgage is a new and exciting company founded by a team of expert mortgage specialist with decades of experience. We started this company because we wanted to enhance the experience customers have when working with a mortgage agent. We have developed a unique 8 step process that we work around the clock to make sure we deliver the best experience for our customers. Hence the name 8Twelve!

Executive Team

Gary Fooks

Gary Fooks

CEO & Broker
Mortgage Broker # M14002068

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Akber Abbas

Akber Abbas

Managing Partner & Principal Broker
Mortgage Broker # M16000210

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Mortgage Broker & Agents

Albert Benudiz

Judy Tessler

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M08003049

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Michael Senior

Kale Olivier

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M17001925

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Supreeth (Steve) Totani

Supreeth (Steve) Totani

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M17003104

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Marc Santos

Marc Santos

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M18002219

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Tasha Suedat

Tasha Suedat

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M18000888

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Sean Ienco

Sean Ienco

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M17000828

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Jitesh Mani

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M16001291

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Bruce Kotis

Bruce Kotis

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M18000382

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Cheryl Smith

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M10000656

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David Pineo

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M18000507

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Jordell James

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M14000451

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Mohammad Daniyal

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M16000609

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Sue Foster

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M08008231

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Ingrid Hollyer

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent #M16000314

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Krunal Topiwala

Zeynep Babir

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M16001437

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Krunal Topiwala

Muhammad Mirza

Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Agent # M16000794

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Broker Resources

Sakshi Sharma

Tenely Kam

Administrator, Funding
Mortgage Agent # M18000378

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Hana Ibsais

Hana Ibsais

HR Business Partner

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Hana Ibsais

Rachael Schelew

Marketing Coordinator
Gary is very knowledgeable at what he does. He went above and beyond to help me get a great rate, I will definitely recommend him to anyone without blinking an eye. You make me feel comfortable during the whole process. I just want to say a big thank you for everything you have done for me and my family
Pat Ejenavi
Gary is definitely a gem in not only the world of mortgages but overall as a person. He goes above and beyond to help and do whatever he can to help. Gary has helped us and went out of his way to make things work. He is kind, smart and has amazing customer service. We highly recommend him to everyone.
Kinga Fronczak
Gary is a fabulous and very knowledgeable. He went above and beyond to help us get a great rate!! We highly recommend him to everyone!! Thank you sooo much Gary for everything you have done for our family!!
Crystal Bridge
I was very happy with the professionalism and courtesy provided to us by Gary and his team in navigating and procuring for us a great deal on a rather large, $215K, 2nd mortgage to help complete our extensive home renovations. Many Brokers will promise and not deliver but Gary and his extensive contacts and experience in this industry enabled us to quickly secure a 2nd mortgage and achieve our goals.
Imran Aslam
Gary's work ethic is fantastic. Not only is he organized, aware and thorough with his clients, he truly does approach each situation with 3 options. I appreciate the fact that he does not rely on one option ONLY to service his clients. This is particularly important at times when the market fluctuates or when things simply happen outside of our control. Gary, you have my highest recommendation.
Ali Abbas

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