Mortgage Solutions

Explore a variety of mortgage options tailored to SingleKey clients

Benefit from competitive rates and flexible terms designed to fit your unique financial situation.



Refinancing offers the chance to secure lower rates, lower payments, consolidate debt, access equity, or switch to better mortgage terms, aiding in saving money and achieving financial goals.


Equity Takeout

Use the built-up equity in your home to make a new investment, consolidate debt or pay off fees from a life-altering event (e.g. tuition, wedding, etc.).


First-Time Home Buyer

Purchase your first home and start building wealth through your property’s value. Take advantage of all the rebates and benefits that are only available to First-Time Home Buyers.


Debt Consolidation

Take advantage of paying lower monthly mortgage payments with debt consolidation. This is a great time to ask your Broker about accessing your home equity.


Mortgage Renewal

Negotiate better interest rates and terms, reassess your financial goals and gain peace of mind and stability by renewing with an 8Twelve Mortgage Broker.


Reverse Mortgage

Retire with peace of mind and unlock cash from your home equity, free from credit or income limitations.


Second Home

Open doors to specialized mortgage offers and advice customized to help you find your dream second home or investment property.


Purchase Plus Improvement

Gain the financing you need for your new property, plus a little extra to fund the renovations you’re planning.


Co-Equity Homeownership

Unlock the market with our Shared Equity Program. You can buy your dream home by connecting with one of our Shared Equity Partners who can help you get up to 20% of your down payment.