Securing A Commercial Mortgage Loan


The Ideal Loan For You

Commercial lending differs greatly from residential. There’s a strict set of criteria and each lender has its own niche when it comes to commercial mortgages in Canada. Knowing your options and understanding where you best fit is a critical step in making sure you secure the best possible commercial loan for you and your business.

Maximizing The Success Of Your Investment

The commercial mortgage product you choose needs to make sense financially. Find out the best possible commercial mortgage rates in Ontario. Consider a number of qualifying factors including your current business situation, planned down payment, debt service coverage ratio and credit history. The perfect loan acts as the foundation upon which you can optimize your cash flow and expand the return on your investment.

Different Types Of Commercial Mortgages

Maybe you plan to operate your business out of a commercial unit. Or perhaps you require a commercial mortgage on the apartment building you want to purchase as a real estate investment property. From office buildings, to multi-family properties, to hospitality facilities, to care homes, there is a commercial loan to suit every need.

The 8Twelve commercial team

Our commercial mortgage specialists are experienced and knowledgeable. We’ve spent years building strong relationships with our commercial lenders, we’re able to obtain top commercial mortgage rates in Canada, and we understand each lender’s product matrixes and positions within the market. This translates into the breadth of information we need to guide you in the right direction, negotiate the best deal, ensure your qualification, and ultimately, set you and your business up for success.

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