Renew My Mortgage

Renewing a mortgage opens up hundreds of possible options that can better serve your current situation. We'll help find the one that fits you best.

Is this for me?

If your mortgage term is coming up for renewal within the next 6 to 9 months.

What is it for?

Extending the term of your mortgage while also exploring an opportunity to save thousands.

Don't sign away an opportunity

Mortgage renewal can seem simple. Your lender sends some papers in the mail and your loan will simply be renewed for another term. Don't make this mistake! Your mortgage renewal doesn't have to be a pre-set transaction – it's an opportunity for you to obtain something better.

Could debt consolidation also be a fit?

Perhaps your last mortgage was secured with a lender that wasn't your preferred one. Now that you've made a number of mortgage payments, you're in an excellent position to obtain a better mortgage at a better rate with a better lender.

Getting You The Best Possible Deal

Second only to the level of service you receive from us throughout your mortgage renewal process, our top priority at 8Twelve Mortgage is making sure your deal is perfect. When you choose 8T to renew your mortgage, you gain access to:

  • All types of lenders
  • Industry-lowest mortgage renewal rates in Ontario and across Canada
  • A strong negotiating team
  • A valued partner who's always on your side
  • Creative financing solutions you may not have thought of on your own


Are You Renewing A Mortgage Soon? Contact Us Today

From here, we work collaboratively with you to gather all the information we need, and shop your deal to make sure we secure the best possible mortgage for you – according to your needs today.