Unlock Homeownership

with Ourboro

We’re excited to announce 8Twelve Mortgage Corp. is the preferred brokerage partner of Ourboro. This partnership has provided our clients with a chance to reach their homeownership goals through co-ownership.


Why buyers choose to own their homes with Ourboro:

  • Get into the home you want sooner
  • Save money on closing costs
  • Access homeowner perks like complimentary home maintenance check-ups or financial support on a rainy day
  • Work with a fully aligned partner that only succeeds as an investor when you succeed as a homeowner

Ourboro is a co-owner alongside you for up to 30 years

While you’re living in your home, Ourboro offers programs and services to help preserve and increase your home’s value so that, together, you and Ourboro can share in the profit when it is sold. You can choose to sell your home or offer to buy out Ourboro’s share, based on fair market value, at anytime during the 30-year period. As your co-owning partner, Ourboro is fully aligned in helping you succeed as a homeowner. From first-time home buyers to those that are looking to purchase their next home, everyone can get on the homebuying path with Ourboro.


How It Works: Buying Your Home

  • Start by submitting an application and pre-qualifying at Ourboro.com.
  • Work with Ourboro’s pre-vetted lending and/or realtor partners and use their custom property search tool to find your new home.
  • Ourboro’s equity split will be finalized once an offer is made on a property. How you and Ourboro split the home equity:

The percentage of the down payment that you and Ourboro each contribute translates into the percentage of equity, or ownership, that you both will have in the home. This is referred to as the equity split.

Living In Your Home

  • Co-owning with Ourboro is like having a silent partner that's got your back on all things related to your most valuable investment.
  • While in the home, you can make minor changes entirely at your own discretion, while major updates may qualify for their Renovation Credit Program.
  • As your partner, Ourboro offers a complimentary home maintenance service to help protect the home's value.

Selling Your Home

  • You and Ourboro can co-own the home together for up to 30 years. You are always free to sell the home or make an offer to buy Ourboro's share
  • When the home is sold, your mortgage principal payments will be returned to you before Ourboro divides the remaining proceeds according to yours and Ourboro’s ownership shares in the home
  • Now you're ready to go out and buy your next home

You’ll walk away with your mortgage payments plus the appreciated value of your original down payment. And just like you, Ourboro will receive the appreciated value of their down payment contribution. The return Ourboro earns on their initial down payment contribution is always identical to what you earn on yours.

For more information, visit ourboro.com or speak to your licensed real estate professional.


Unlock the Market

Follow the simple steps we’ve provided and contact us anytime for more information. Our expert 8Twelve mortgage team is here to collect information and then work on your behalf to obtain the best mortgage deal so you can make your second home dreams a reality.