New to Canada?

Work with a broker who can get you a mortgage.

Is this for me?

You've recently become a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and arrived within the last 5 years.

What is it for?

Purchasing your first home.

Jumping over the hurdles.

New country. New life. No credit.

A typical Canadian lender evaluates a mortgage deal on the basis of employment, income and earnings, debt to service ratios, credit history and so much more. As a new immigrant, there isn’t much you can provide by way of proving yourself financially. Here’s where a good mortgage broker becomes invaluable, helping you obtain a new-to-Canada mortgage quickly and seamlessly.

The most important elements

Lenders want security that you will make your monthly mortgage Payments without default. This is why they ask for details about your job, your Salary, and proof of steady debt payments in the past. Of course, as either a permanent resident or someone here on a temporary work visa, it’s difficult to show because you haven’t yet built up a history here in Canada. But there are other ways in which we can prove your financial worthiness for a loan so you can obtain a specific mortgage for newcomers to Canada.

Supporting documentation

There are a number of different options when it comes to paperwork that can illustrate your qualifications to a lender. In some cases, it might be a letter from your landlord or utility statements showing your accounts in good standing. Other times, lenders may accept your international credit report to supplement what they see on your limited Canadian credit history. Proof of three months of employment history helps too, along with bank statements showing pre-authorized payments of some kind.


8Twelve is on your side

Given our exceptional working relationships with lenders across Canada, our team knows the best mortgages for new Canadians. We are resourceful, knowledgeable and solution-focused. In our experience, everyone has something they can show to demonstrate their eligibility. And we help you present your file in a way that gets you approved for new-to-Canada financing.


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