Home Renovation Loan

Use your mortgage to build the space of your dreams.

Is this for me?

If you are a homeowner and have equity in your home.

What is it for?

To take out some of your equity to pay for home renovations.

How to obtain a renovation loan?

If you know you'll be in the home for some time, why not make it your perfect space? Upgrade the kitchen, redo the bathroom, make a finished basement or install new floors without the full amount coming out of your pocket. By performing a mortgage renovation refinance and taking out a larger loan, you can use the equity in your home to fund your renovation plans.

Reno 'n Roll

It’s just as it sounds: “renovate” your home and “roll” the cost into your mortgage. No credit card payments, no pulling from your personal line of credit. Simply break out of your existing mortgage, secure a new renovation loan with the extra funds you need and enjoy the simplicity of making one payment each month towards your mortgage.

Take advantage before rates rise again

Interest rates are on the rise. Locking in a renovation loan sooner will save you more by using the equity in your home to do the renovations you’ve had on your mind for some time.

The 8T Process

Our top priority is making sure our clients make good financial decisions, not poor ones. We analyze your situation thoroughly before giving you our recommendations and securing the right mortgage renovation loan. After careful evaluation and analysis we work to get your new renovation financing mortgage at the most competitive market rate.


What Do Your Renovation Plans Look Like?

Contact 8Twelve directly and one of our renovation finance specialists will be happy to help. When you work with us, we make sure to secure the ideal loan to finance your renovation without the financial burden.