What is the ‘best’ mortgage for me?

What is the ‘best’ mortgage for me?

Posted November 11, 2020

What is the ‘best’ mortgage for me?

Is it the cheapest? The shortest? The longest? The one with the most payout options? It depends on what your needs are.

Defining your needs

The process of identifying the ‘best’ mortgage begins with understanding and defining your needs and preferences. It also depends on your current situation and your future plans.

For example, if you want to pay it off fast, you may want a shorter term and/or some great payout options. Or you may want to get access to equity to pay for your kids schooling or a second home.

Lots of things go into identifying the best mortgage for you at any given time:

· Rates

· Term

· Payout options

· Funding for home renovation

· Funding for school

· Funding for a second home

· Lowest payment

· Fastest payment schedule

· Additional features (e.g. cash return, revolving credit, etc.)

· Access to equity (CHIP reverse mortgage)

How do I tell if it’s the ‘best’ mortgage for me?

Your 8Twelve Mortgage Broker will help you answer the defining questions to help identify the best mortgage. Your interview with them will include a discussion of your current and future financial situation, your immediate and future objectives, changes in your lifestyle and more.

The 8Twelve Mortgage Broker has a defined process for helping you both understand your needs and evaluate the options available. Their experience and step-by-step process will assure you of reviewing all the pertinent options and to help clarify the options with the greatest potential to address your needs.

Trust your 8Twelve Mortgage Broker to help you get the ‘best’ mortgage!

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